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Spring 2023 Registration Opens Monday, Oct. 3, 2022

Spring 2023 Registration Opens Monday, Oct. 3, 2022

by Melissa Casper -
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Good afternoon,

Spring 2023 Registration opens on Monday, October 3, 2022.  Registration groups/dates are based on EARNED credit hours not on in-progress credit hours or the number of years attended.  A copy of the Spring Schedule is attached and is also available on Moodle (SPST Forms page).  All courses with “TBA” entries will be announced at a later date.  Notification will be sent as courses are complete.

Beginning with Spring 2023 registration, you will be registering for courses in both the Spring Term 2023 and the sub-term Spring Focus Week 2023.  A video, “Populi Spring Registration” has been placed at top of the SPST Forms page in Moodle for assistance.

ALL Hybrid courses meet from January 9th through May 12th.  ALL Hybrid, PCM, and SFR courses meet both online AND in person.  Populi lists the in-person days and times (on the schedule or you may also click on the course title to view in the course description).

Important:   All forms on your dashboard must be submitted prior to registration.  If the form does not apply to you, please select decline or “will not” on the form and submit.

 Have a wonderful and blessed semester!

Monday, Oct 3, 2023

Group 1                                 

8:00 AM               MACM and MA(TS) students with 30+ credit hours

                              M.Div. students with 60+ completed credit hours

                             All DMIN students

Tuesday, Oct 4, 2023

Group 2                                  

8:00 AM               M.Div. students with 50-59.5 completed credit hours

                              MACM and MA(TS) students with less than 30 completed credit hours

Wednesday, Oct 5, 2023

Group 3                           

8:00: AM             M.Div. students with 30-59 completed credit hours

Thursday, Oct 6, 2023

Group 4

8:00: AM             M.Div. students with less than 30 completed credit hours  

                             Non-Degree Students