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Spring 2022 Registration

Spring 2022 Registration

by Melissa Casper -
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Good afternoon,

Registration for the Spring 2022 semester opens in Populi on Monday, Oct 11, 2021. The registration tab will NOT appear in Populi until the appropriate registration group date (see below).

 Registration groups/dates are based on EARNED credit hours not on in-progress credit hours or number of years attended.

  •  The Spring 2022 schedule & Registration Groups are on Moodle (SPST FORMS page). The current schedule is dated 10.8.2021 (shown in the footer)
  • Refer to the printed schedule for specific date and time details (instructors may also be contacted if you have  questions).  

 IMPORTANT:  In Populi, FOCUS and READING WEEK courses will show a FALSE time of 7:00 AM-7:01 AM.  Unfortunately, Populi does not provide a way to show all of the date/time details so this method will ensure that students do not register for courses that are at the same day/time or overlap.  Actual dates and times are listed on the printed schedule.

 Section Codes

·        Online – ON

·        Synchronous Online – SO

·        Hybrid – HYB

·        ON-CAMPUS, Kansas Campus students select the sections with (CAM/KS); Oklahoma Campus students select the sections with (CAM/OK). Enrollment in the incorrect section will be dropped.

Please meet with your students to work out the details of their schedules.  

Monday, Oct 11, 2021

Group 1                                 

8:00 AM               MACM and MA(TS) students with 30+ credit hours

                              M.Div. students with 60+ completed credit hours

                              All DMIN students

Tuesday, Oct 12, 2021

Group 2                                  

8:00 AM               M.Div. students with 50-59.5 completed credit hours

                            MACM and MA(TS) students with less than 30 completed credit hours

Wednesday, Oct 13, 2021

Group 3                           

8:00: AM             M.Div. students with 30-59 completed credit hours

                            Certificate students

Thursday, Oct 14, 2021

Group 4

8:00: AM             M.Div. students with less than 30 completed credit hours  

                           Non-Degree Students

Dr. Michelle E. Hatcher

Director of Financial Aid/Registrar

Saint Paul School of Theology

13720 Roe Avenue

Leawood, KS 66224